Shelia's SEVEN Priorities


Increase Funding for Education including the University of Wisconsin and our K-12 Schools


Reform Wisconsin’s Criminal Justice System


Reduce and Prevent Gun Violence


Protect our Clean Air and Clean Water


Defend a Woman’s Right to Choose


Strengthen the Safety Net for Seniors, People with Disabilities, and Children


Increase Access to Health Care for All

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Shelia is distinguished as a Gun Sense Candidate

Shelia's commitment to preventing and ending gun violence has earned her distinction as a Gun Sense Candidate. She was the first candidate in this race to have done so.

Shelia Stubbs for State Assembly

Shelia Stubbs for State Assembly

It is an honor to have earned the endorsement of Terese Berceau, who has represented the 77th Assembly District and who is retiring. During her 26-year career on the Dane County Board and in the Legislature, Terese has been a dedicated public servant and a strong voice for women’s health, consumer protection, workers’ rights, the environment, health care reform, and education. Together, we can build on her legacy. I will continue to fight for the values, issues, and change we need in these challenging times.
— Shelia Stubbs

Endorsed by more than 60 Current and Former Elected Officials

Shelia has Earned the Endorsement of Mark Pocan, Terese Berceau, Kathleen Falk, Sheriff Dave Mahoney, District Attorney Ismael Ozanne... and many others!

US Congressman Mark Pocan
Former Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton
Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney
Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne
Dane County Clerk Scott McDonell
Former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk
Chair of the Dane County Board Sharon Corrigan
State Senator Jon Erpenbach
State Senator Mark Miller
State Senator LaTonya Johnson
State Representative Jimmy Anderson
State Representative Terese Berceau
State Representative David Crowley
State Representative Evan Goyke
State Representative Dianne Hesselbein
State Representative Sondy Pope
State Representative Daniel Riemer
State Representative Melissa Sargent
State Representative Lisa Subeck
State Representative Chris Taylor
State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa
Former State Representative Mandela Barnes
Former State Representative Robb Kahl

Dane County Supervisor Carousel Bayrd
Dane County Supervisor Tanya Buckingham
Dane County Supervisor Yogesh Chawla
Dane County Supervisor Carl Chenoweth
Dane County Supervisor Kelly Danner
Dane County Supervisor Patrick Downing
Dane County Board Supervisor Analiese Eicher
Dane County Supervisor Chuck Erickson
Dane County Supervisor Tim Kiefer
Dane County Supervisor Richard Kilmer
Dane County Supervisor Mary Kolar
Dane County Supervisor Jamie Kuhn
Dane County Supervisor Dorothy Krause
Dane County Supervisor Maureen McCarville
Dane County Supervisor Patrick Miles
Dane County Supervisor Paul Nelson
Dane County Supervisor Jeff Pert
Dane County Supervisor Steve Peters
Dane County Supervisor Michele Ritt
Dane County Supervisor Paul Rusk
Dane County Supervisor Bob Salov
Dane County Supervisor Andrew Schauer
Dane County Supervisor Matt Veldran
Dane County Supervisor Danielle Williams

Former Dane County Supervisor Richard Brown
Former Dane County Supervisor Billy Lunney
Former Dane County Supervisor Leland Pan
Former Dane County Supervisor Robin Schmidt
Former Dane County Supervisor Nick Zweifel
Madison School Board President James Howard
Madison School Board Member Dean Loumos
Madison School Board Member Gloria Reyes
Sun Prairie School Board Member Marilyn Ruffin
Madison Alder Shiva Bidar-Sielaff
Madison Alder Sheri Carter
Madison Alder Mo Cheeks
Madison Alder Mark Clear
Madison Alder Sara Eskrich
Madison Alder Arvina Martin
Madison Alder Barb McKinney
Madison Alder Mike Verveer
Former Madison Alder Isadore Knox
Fitchburg City Alder Julia Arrata Fratta

…and more each day!


The Capital Times endorses Shelia Stubbs

Among a quartet of fine candidates, Stubbs is the finest. Her track record is impressive, and we like her attitude. She said she wakes up every day and asks what she can do to make a difference. If voters in District 77 cast their ballots for Shelia Stubbs on Aug. 14, we are convinced she’ll make that difference.